The Second Fall of Humanity

a Critique of Humanities Response to COVID-19

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

There are around 470,000 confirmed cases of novel Corona Virus in the world as of the time of this article being written.

Pair that number, to the 7.5 billion human populace, and you have a percentage of .0063% of the human population infected.

That’s simple science.

Now let’s talk about toilet paper, empty grocery stores, and memes portraying the year 2020 as the Bermuda Triangle of the Gregorian Calander. Or better yet, how about not?

Let’s observe some simple things.

I feel COVID-19 is a time on earth, no different than times of war. It is a time when the consciousness of man is singularly focused in operation, much like ants of a hill. We are all in this together, and we are all observing the same meteor rushing to engulf us. We are triggered by what we do not know, and in the fear of that panic; resort to actions of a primitive level. How does that out-picture into the world? Imagine people fighting over toilet paper, memes about how the year is one big nightmare, and individuals maintaining their social and party lives, despite the containment effort.

This critique is meant to inspire and enlighten, not to beat and berate.

I feel the world governments, have done an excellent job of containing this virus. Their protocols have been swiftly and unanimously enacted, resulting in the containment of something which could have gotten really ugly, really fast.

We are living in a miniature cold war, an era and time where tensions are high and life as we know it is on a standstill. It seems as if, time as we know it is stopping and a new space is opening, from which a greater truth about who we are is emerging.

Deeper than “toilet-paper gate”, the time is eerily reminiscent of the holidays. You don’t know what’s open, you don’t know what’s closed, the hours as we know them are in the air.

It’s a time of deep reflection, it’s a time of immense change. It’s hibernation and a cave being offered to all of us as we walk up the sidewalk, and step into our homes for quarantine.

It’s beautiful to consider our situation. Our blessing of working together to contain something that could destroy us in numbers. The entire globe is responding in solidarity, in a united effort to protect the world and its inhabitants.

Who knew a minuscule virus could have the potential to unite the body of humanity in defense against it. That’s something to think about. We are living in great times, indeed! Regardless of the fracture in Symbios, we see between ourselves, the larger organization, assimilation, and action of our greater parts in times of need is a true testament to the beauty of this species I am proud to call my own.

We may not all have it right in each other's books, but when we serve a purpose greater than ourselves, united, for the protection and advancement of ourselves; we are all sure to see the beauty of our united hegemony and harmony.


Creative Director & Fashion Designer in Los Angeles. IG / TikTok - @AdamDivino Twitter - @TheAdamDivino Facebook - Adam Divino Presents

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