The Importance of Meditation

How I created an impenetrable force field of well-being.

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Meditation is a tool, and like all tools, it serves a function.

When we meditate, we create a force-field around us, which filters our consciousness from negative, disastrous, life-sucking thoughts that feed emotional states and affect our behavior.

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Why meditate? In our world of hyper-activity, it is now more important than ever to ground ourselves in the truth of who we are. Too often, we get caught up in the need to be something more than we are. Too often, we throw our minds ahead of our bodies, requiring our bodies to catch up, often resulting in a myriad of complications both physical and mental.

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What we do is akin to driving ourselves 10 miles down the road, when we only have fuel to make it one mile. The result is us pushing ourselves and the weight of our own vehicle, down the road, exerting more effort and draining our resources, turning a relaxing drive into a sour death march.

But why do we do this? Why do we project so far out, and suffer in dragging ourselves to our destinations? It is because we do not have a meditation practice, which engenders a sense of groundedness. Someone who is grounded, will not commit to a journey for which they have no fuel. On the other hand, a person with no grounding will take a risk, will gamble with unforeseeable conditions.

Life can be a risk-filled gamble, or it can be a rose-filled garden. The experience is up to us.

We live in a society that opts for a quick fix, over a long-developing process. A pill, a drug, a vacation, anything to bring about a quick fix in how we feel and how we relate to the world.

The disadvantage of such an approach lies in what we lose by choosing a flickering model versus one of rootedness. Highs and Lows; Life becoming a constant switchboard between the two. Living like this eventually causes us to become numb to life.

Meditation is the cool, calm, collected center from which the highs and lows do not impede one's sense of groundedness and connection to life. How? Well, like building muscles in a gymnasium, so we build the neuro-muscles responsible for mind arrangement, experience, and organization.

Too often, we are carried like a feather in the wind, from one whim to another. This may be thrilling at first, but eventually, the true chaos and lack of order and control come into the light. The individual is powerless to the “forces” which inspire its movements. Such a perspective is truly delusive, and at its core; the epidemic of consciousness our world currently faces.

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Meditation is a practice, an exercise, which aligns us to our true core of consciousness, putting us in the position of the camera, not the person in the scene. There is great advantage to such a vantage point.

When we are caught up in anxiety, fear, depression, anger, and the myriad of negative emotions, too often, we push them down and seek to float atop the water, not wanting to be submersed by the borage of unwanted thoughts, behaviors, and feelings, so we push them down, and seek to live a life of joy and harmony ontop of them.

The issue with such a balancing act, is that we are always one slip away from falling underwater and seeing the things we want so badly not to. When we do fall, it causes a fire-to-touch sensation, causing us to shoot upward, higher and farther away from the unwanted, putting us in a bubble of “good feelings”. These ‘bubbles of good feelings’ are havens for those who are not rooted in life through meditation.

Eventually, we live our lives in these bubbles and are disconnected from the reality of existence all around us. The result is a world of self-diagnosed individuals who are avoiding true recovery and balance, and in its place, dive further into the neurosi which causes their suffering.

So what is the purpose of this article? I’ve tried meditating for years, but have never fully grasped the concepts and notions. It wasn’t until my habits created physical pain for me, that I took a deeper look into what might be causing them. An amazing psychologist introduced me to Headspace, an app that teaches users through a series of meditations, on how to master the art.

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It’s been about a month since starting the daily meditations, and in that month, I feel the first layers of a shield that I will spend the rest of my life growing. Not from force or desperation, but from fun and excitement. I now have a barrier, a respite within myself; a safe-place to shift into, where I can untangle and sort out all my issues and problems. I can come out on top, and float through life in a serenity that is higher than the problems I once allowed myself to be consumed by.

By meditating, I have first hand seen how my emotions fuel thoughts which lead to behavior that causes me suffering.

I hope my words have been enough to inspire you to give this life-changing practice a chance of your own. You can download the app in the link below:

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