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EDIT / UPDATE: this is many words, and kind of pointless. The Holy Spirit, and the trinity is a solution to all of the elements mentioned in the many words below. I was such a loser without the Trinity. So many words, with such little affect. God is truly the prospering power of word.

What is it?

The Bruise Body is a series of Rorschach-esque blots of discordant energy, flicked onto certain areas of your body in previously traumatic experiences. The Bruise Body is like a photo of you covered in the blood of trauma, certain areas of your body holding the ink of it. Imagine someone taking paint, and flicking it onto your body at random, and taking pictures at times of your highest trauma. This paint is energetic bruising, and there is a Rolodex of photos of you through life, with this paint covering your body in different areas.

The Bruise Body, is often reactivated days, months and years after traumatic events, the ink of of bruising repeating its presence on the body of the individual, causing the same pain to repeat itself here in the present. Because the feeling of this is extremely uncomfortable, we naturally reject, deject, and suppress the re-emergence of the Bruise Body when it appears through triggers of stimulus and information in our present reality. This rejection is no different than rejecting a human, it causes the same effort, strain, tension, and stress, to reject these negative feelings which result from feeling the Bruise Body.

We often spill this pain out into the world, onto the people we love, confused, searing in pain with no physical manifestation, but what does physicality matter when the feeling is the same?

The Bruise Body, is a wonderful modality that came to me in a time of immense panic, nervousness, worry, anxiety, doubt, and fear. I realized, all situations in life are perceptual, and that ultimately perception is in my control. I came to separate myself from the states of experiencing the Bruise Bodies pain and came to see what it was. In my mind, I saw a present me, battered, covered in bruises, and instinctually I inhaled into it, the vision becoming more clear. As I breathed, I brought peace to this bruised me. It was surprising to see a version of me in so much pain, as I always imagine myself as a whole, happy, healthy individual; and from there, incessantly interact with technology through my day.

But when I realized the manifestations on my Bruise Body, a great calm took over me. I was no longer an able body man sitting on his bed looking for the next interesting thing to do. I was a hospital patient, recovering from being hit by a 10-wheeler. My inner image was of being covered in casts from head to toe, with only a cutout for my face.

The result was realizing, there is a part of me that is in fact very bruised, needing rest and retirement; healing and peace. I then realize my impression of being able-bodied and healthy is just a projection. No different than someone speeding a failing car, they cannot see the breakdown, until smoke clouds their window shield.

And so, I realize how sensitive I am. How tired I am. How fragile and bruised I am. And I realize something incredibly beautiful.

There was a bruise on my arm a few days ago. I wanted it to go away, I tried hiding it. I would look at it every day and say “why is it not going away?!” Then, life, circumstances, energy, and time, took me to other things. They completely consumed me, and when I was finally on the other side of them, with time to think, I remembered the bruise and looked. It was gone. Completely. Without a trace.

And that’s when I realized something profound. We all have Bruise Bodies, and our Bruise Bodies are naturally always healing themselves. Sometimes, when they come up, we push them down, we don’t want to deal with the negative emotion. But we must realize, that negative emotion is presenting itself as the bruise, and instead of rejecting it, we can accept it, and move on with our perspective to other things.

The proof life gave me was, I didn’t have anything to offer the bruise with my focus. In fact, my focus maintained its hold over my perception, my moment in time and life. But when I moved on to higher, more interesting, and captivating things, life began its work. When I withdrew my focus from being the witnesses of the unwanted, the unwanted repaired and dismantled itself.

And from this I think we all can learn something profound, we can learn life's ability to handle all our needs, from healing our Bruise Bodies, to pumping blood to our hearts, and breaking down our food. It is only us, through our focus, who can allow for nature to play its symphony of wondrous harmony. It’s when we take an ax to the process, that we deny our own well-being.

And this is something we can take control of, and by doing so, we can truly live our happily ever after.

Creative Director & Fashion Designer in Los Angeles. IG / TikTok - @AdamDivino Twitter - @TheAdamDivino Facebook - Adam Divino Presents

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