Overcoming the “I Am” Movement

The spiritual path of modernists is an “I Am” approach.

The spirit in the vessel of the body, affirms “I Am _______” as a means of embodying the qualities of whatever fills in the blank.

I am Prosperous, I am Beautiful, I am Thin, the possibilities are endless.

There is, however, a component to this dynamic that the spirit misses.

What modernists of the “I Am” movement have failed to do, is incorporate marriage in “I Am” with whose we are.

A nihilist thinks we are a talking mind. A spiritualist understands we are a divine, weightless intelligence inhabiting a vessel for a temporary time.

The spiritualist understands they are a drop of a larger ocean, inhabiting and moving a body. And so, the failure of modern spirituality is the recognition of whose we are.

A drop of water is nothing more than a drop.

And what is a drop, but a part separated from the whole?

The failure of modern spirituality is the rejection of whose we are.

We say we are part of the universe. But this general non-specific void is not the body from which we come. We are not the manifest, we are spirit observing the manifest.

And so it is important to realize, we are but drops, factioned from the whole body of water from which we come. Having an active relationship with the whole from which we come has historically been referred to in all human cultures and societies.

The failure of modern spirituality and the “I Am” movement is the incubation and isolation of spirit into a “mirror box” where spirit sees itself and itself only. Spirit trapped in a “mirror box” affirms to itself qualities it wants to be, in all directions. Self-propelling. Running off its own steam. Running in circles. Seeing itself and itself only in all directions.

The failure of modern spirituality is that this is how modern spiritualists pray. In an egoic “mirror box” facing nothing but themselves. I liken this to solitary confinement, which can only drive one mad.

The failure of modern spirituality is divorcing itself from the sea from which we come as individual drops. Modern spirituality seeks to stretch the drop beyond its capacity, and in doing so, ruptures the spirit.

The failure of modern spirituality is in its very process. The drop affirms itself.

The true spiritual device is us, the drop in the vessel. We communicate and receive supply to sustain our journey as individual drops by praying and communicating with the sea from which we come.

Where we fail is, we seek prayer and communion with other drops in vessels. Fractions. We seek wholeness with fractions, which is an impossibility.

The failure of modern spirituality is in its denial of the sea from which we come, and the failure of incorporating communion with this sea as the device of our spirituality.

Spirituality is the drops living relationship with the sea.

Until modern spiritualists incorporate living communication with the sea from which they are a drop, no hope will avail them.

For in solitary confinement, insanity and the tauntings of the enemy are the only salvations one has. The pity is this solitary confinement is self-produced by one not having a true, living, communicable relationship with the sea from which they came.

I write this article to give humans a directive for their spiritual life that is in relation to the sea from which they hail.

Creative Director & Fashion Designer in Los Angeles. IG / TikTok - @AdamDivino Twitter - @TheAdamDivino Facebook - Adam Divino Presents

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