In order to understand Faith-Based Healing we first must identify what it is not.

FBH is not: a practice for cooky, science-denying religious nuts.

What FBH is: FBH is essentially the spirit's ability to claim engineer to the biology it has a holdover; the human body.

Science helps us understand…

The spiritual path of modernists is an “I Am” approach.

The spirit in the vessel of the body, affirms “I Am _______” as a means of embodying the qualities of whatever fills in the blank.

I am Prosperous, I am Beautiful, I am Thin, the possibilities are endless.

There is…

Science plays an important role in helping us identify the machine we inhabit.

Spirituality plays an equally important role, in helping us identify the being within the machine we inhabit.

Being intimate with others is not a sin, it’s spiritual. Intimacy is not Physicality sweetie, it’s Spirituality. Intimacy is a State of Being and Mind shared by Two. It’s not…

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I’m a Print Designer who guides a curated team of illustrators to reviving designs and motifs from the pages of art history, re-engineering them for Fashion. I do this for fun and for a hobby. The result is a catalog of my study into these timeless works of art. …

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Creative Director & Fashion Designer in Los Angeles. IG / TikTok - @AdamDivino Twitter - @TheAdamDivino Facebook - Adam Divino Presents

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